Chastity Mistress


Chastity Mistress Miss Torment

Give up Control to Me the Chastity Mistress !!

Chastity Mistress Miss Torment

Chastity Mistress Miss Torment

For to long now your desire to pleasure yourself has consumed you, you need taken under control, have your choices removed and controlled by another ….. ME !

I will take control of your pathetic cock and stop it from ruling your brain, No longer able to respond to your urges, no longer free to pleasure yourself as and when you want. That choice will become mine, not yours.

I will take away all of that confusion for you and replace it with the sweet torture of frustration and denial, yes you will still get excited when you think of Me but now it will be met by the tight squeeze of hard metal painfully  restricting your growth. Frustration that only I will be able to set you free from.

I will love the look of panic on My slaves face as the padlock clicks shut and I dangle the key in front of you with a wicked, satisfied smile on My face. The look of despair as I torment the exposed flesh with My magic fingers and feel it start to swell only to be met with total restriction and complete frustration. Your desire for release will grow with each stroke of My nails down your shaft and gripping of your full balls, as each day passes you will feel like your going mad as you become less and less able to function as you head goes into overload from the frustration. Then as the agreed day of release approaches, have you been good enough ? have you earned your freedom ? will Mistress finally release you and torment you to the point where you are begging to explode under Miss Torments touch ? …….. We shall see !!!

Chastity Mistress Miss Torment

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