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Miss Torment the Manchester Mistress

Miss Torment the Manchester Mistress

Reviews from My recent playthings ……

My experiences with Tantra have given me a love of edging. Reading Miss Torment’s website set my sixth sense tingling that she would excel at edging and a short conversation later, I was headed to find out if she would live up to her tie and tease and magic fingers fame. Well, Miss Torment adjusted her session to meet my needs but she made sure to demonstrate her skill at orgasm control. I’ve never had the edging done so precisely, right at the precipice for so long. Your whole mind and world zones into that one sensation when she’s got total control. Unique, outstanding, the best!
Slave Mark

Watching an elegant lady smoking a cigarette in the way that they do always excites me. But when the lady smoking is Miss Torment wearing a stunning leather dress and thigh boots and she has you tied to a chair, that is something else!
Identified as her stalker I had been kidnapped and handed over, bound and hooded, for interrogation. Cbt and the threat of cigarette torture soon persuaded me to confess. Inevitably punishment followed, verbal and physical torment using a variety of fiendish implements including a butt plug and a milking machine!
Cruel treatment indeed although I have to confess that Miss Torment smoking a second cigarette while gently stroking me was actually the most unbearable.
While I had asked for a kidnap theme what actually happened was down to the lady herself. Miss Torment has a wickedly inventive imagination and (dare I say it) a sadistic streak. I enjoyed every minute. My only complaint is that she didn’t carry out her threat to lock me in her cage overnight so that she could do it all again!
Slave J

What did I learn from my visit today?
Well, as Mistress Torment will tell you, a session is for her enjoyment, not yours. She likes to tie you up so that you cannot resist her wicked wiles and to blindfold you so that you cannot see what she intends to do next. She enjoys tormenting you with her wicked fingers or playing games with her collection of fiendish electrical toys (eg she will leave your nipples alone if you plead for her to shock your balls instead!). Her particular delight is to take you to the edge of orgasm time and time again, just for the fun of hearing you beg. Her pleasures as I said, nothing for a slave to enjoy there!
Of course I did enjoy it, I really enjoyed it. Experienced slaves will know that sometime a connection is made in the first few minutes which makes for a really special session. Today was such a day.
My advice. Let Mistress have her enjoyment. Surrender to this intuitive lady and let her do whatever she chooses. I guarantee that you will have a session  to remember. I have been around the scene a long time and this was one of the most intense and special tie and tease sessions I have experienced.
Oh, I almost forgot to say, Mistress Torment has a smile that makes surrender inevitable.

The 12 Days of Christmas

Reading Your list of Tasks, Miss, I was immediately struck by the range of tasks, and by the care and thought that had gone into them. Having worked through them i can again only marvel at Your skill in selecting them for me. Thank You so much Miss.

Here is how things panned out.

1. A day spent with tight cock and balls ties

I bound my balls first thing Sunday Morning Miss, and by midday it was getting very uncomfortable, and that was before i went out shopping. Once outside in the cold it was quite painful to walk around the supermarket, and of course i could not keep stopping to adjust. Thank You Miss.

2.A five time edging (no cum)

Thank You Miss for setting me this task. It is getting harder every time. Even though it is only a couple of weeks since my last orgasm, i really wanted to come again today. i hated having to stop, i just wanted to carry on…

Thank You Miss for allowing me some pleasure, and for allowing me to suffer for Your amusement.

3.A Holly leaf for company in your pants (ouch)

They had no holly decorations in Tesco, but on my way home i noticed some in my neighbours garden. Thoughts of a midnight raid to steal a precious leaf… Then off to the garden centre. Plenty of prickles all day Wednesday, and well scratched scrotum at the end. Thank You.

4.A 10 minutes ball squeeze in your balls crusher

This hurts Miss – a lot “better” standing up than when i was laying flat. Of course i tried to squeeze them as much as i could bear, and very glad when the timer sounded. Thank You Miss.

5.Send Me a photo with tinsel tied around your balls

picture taken, and sent Miss, thank You. And thank You for sharing on twitter too

6.Clothes pegs attached to your nipples for 10 mins.

Is it cheating to put clothes pegs on my nipples while researching cuck videos? 

Once the ten minutes had passed i took a deep breath and took the pegs off – ooow.

7.Research your favourite cuckold clip to send Me (not one I have sent you)

i am sorry Miss but what seems on paper the easiest task has proved my downfall. i have spent three days now – watching dozens and dozens of porno clips. When not watching i was thinking about those i had watched. By Sunday lunchtime i could hold back no longer and started rubbing my little cock, watching women savouring proper men with proper cocks. With so many wonderful clips i was struggling to pick a best, but then found this one.


while the alpha male makes love to his woman, the beta cuck fucks a cheap blow-up doll. What better proof of my true status than to only be allowed pleasure with a plastic toy, while my beloved Mistress is satisfied by a real man.

Oh Miss, having already disobeyed it was so tempting to go for the finish, but i managed to calm down after the first edge, slowly stroking as the video finished, but it was a couple of hours before my blue-balls faded Miss.

Thank You Miss

8.Chose an object…this is to experiment anal play ( I know we have not explored this together but I don’t know if you have before ) any size,any shape but something will need inserting.

Aah, this Miss is the one that i dreading most. I did buy a prostate massager a few years ago, and used it once to little effect, so having had a few days to look for it, it was time to face up to the moment. Plenty of lube and mmmphrr … it slowly went in. One sharp WOOH! as it hit home, and then just struggling to keep it in place for ten minutes. Thank You Miss for demanding that i try again, maybe i just need more practice.

ps Tesco are now stocking holly, a bit too late now!!

9.ICE….tis a cold season and you will endure a nice cock ice bath 10 mins….your cock will look even more pathetic than normal!

God that’s cold Miss.

I filled a jug nearly full with ice Miss, and then topped up with water to create a nice ice bath, and again set my timer for ten minutes. On all fours astride the jug I lowered myself so that everything dipped into the water, my pubis resting on the rim, and water now overflowing the jug. Oooh Goddess that is soooo fricking cold. After a minute i had had enough, but knew i had to persevere. Two minutes came, and went, and by three minutes my balls were becoming numb. Slowly the timer reached zero, as had the temperature of my genitals. Lots of drying and warming, but my dick is bright red, and tiny. Thank You Miss Torment.

10.Wax… you can see I’m on a roll here, but lots of candles around ,drip it onto your cock and balls 10 drips on each.

As You say Miss, plenty of candles around this time of year. I lit a nice fat one and gave it a few minutes to build up some liquid. Six drips at first to the shaft of Your willy, then ten spread all over your balls, allowing time to build up more liquid wax between each dribble. I finished the exercise with the the skin pulled back, and the last four drips over the head, and pee hole, Thank You Miss.

11.You will wear a pair of My used knickers all day

This is worth a laugh Miss, size 14 knickers with a size 20 belly! Well Miss I managed to haul Your tiny panties up over my king-sized bum. Not an easy feat Miss. Two thoughts crossed my mind, Miss, as i pulled them up – mainly the history of the knickers. The lacy fabric that was now cupping my balls had previously pressed against You!! A thought there to keep me warm. The downside, of course is that a full day holding my sweaty gonads would probably mask the delicate trace of Your scent still remaining. Shopping was interesting, as your panties refused to stay put, requiring periodic adjustment as i walked along the high street. A constant source of both excitement, and embarrassment.

12.Ta ta you’ve made it (hopefully) as a reward you may place My knickers over your head whilst you play and cum….you must however chant My name as you do so….enjoy ! xxx


It will soon be time for the incredible climax to my 12 days of Christmas – something i have been looking forward to ever since reading Your email for the first time. My eyes lit up, and i started to smile as i read the task: Worshipping Your divine knickers, and permission to play. With an orgasm… but then i gasped as i read the final clause, chanting Your name. How stupid, how ridiculous, Miss. How totally, absurdly humiliating. I have lain awake every night Miss, anticipating this, running it through in my mind. Silently chanting Your name and imagining myself masturbating. i picked up Your wonderful knickers, and held them up to my face. i was genuinely surprised at how strong Your scent still was MIss, i was sure i had licked them clean ages ago.

Well I’ve completed the first 11 tasks, as i knew I would have a couple of hours alone this afternoon. The sound of Your name, repeated over and over, filled my mind, and Your amazing scent flooded the corners in between, as i started masturbating. Chanting over and over, and rubbing, as my orgasm approached.. I was just glad there was no one around to witness my embarrassment.

My shame…

My utter humiliation…

Which brings me to the video: it’s just a head and shoulders shot Miss – i don’t imagine You’d want to see 👇down there👇 , but i thought You might enjoy watching my humiliation, having worked so hard to create it.


If You do enjoy it Miss, and want to show Your friends and followers just what You can make a pig do to earn his moment of pleasure, it’s just one minute long, probably about the right size for a tweet.

Thank You Miss, for allowing me a climax, and such a memorable one too.

I’ve been visiting Mistress Torment for just under two years. During our kinky time together, I’ve been teased, denied, taken to the edge and fiendishly tormented by her wicked mind. Unsurprisingly, my visits have become a lot more frequent. Our time usually begins with me on my knees oiling her latex gloves. The shiny hands soon find their way gripping my throat and caressing my face with Mistress’ soothing voice instructing me to breathe in the aroma. As I get lost in her piercing eyes, Mistress brings me down to earth with a hard slap to the face. She marks her territory by applying her initials in hot red lipstick on my bulging cock and across my forehead. A hood is promptly fitted and I go about worshipping her thigh high boots which hug those gorgeous thighs. Tied down to the bench, my arms are spread and my feet hang in the air. I’m trussed up like a Christmas turkey unable to move. Pulling down my rubber shorts, Mistress reveals that pubes are a privilege her slaves don’t deserve. A warm razor glides across my groin as all traces of hair are removed. She stops to clamp my nipples and fasten a blindfold to the hood. My senses are taken away. I hear Mistress’ voice lingering in my ears, seductively teasing me and bringing me to the edge.  After she locks my package into chastity, I’m fed a steady supply of poppers. Drifting away, Mistress begins to massage my prostate, upping the ante with the size of her toys. Building me up slowly, the poppers increase, the thrusts become harder and the moans a lot louder. I beg to be released, but Mistress just laughs and continues to thrust. She makes me beg again before saying this shall be the last time that I’m permitted release in her presence. Torment turns to pleasure as Mistress brings me to an earth shuddering climax. I collapse at her boots for one final worship. Mistress pulls me up and I thank her profusely for another deliciously kinky hour.

Thank you Miss Torment until my next time kneeling at your feet ….

It was the tie and tease that appealed to me when browsing. Being new I wanted something that would introduce me to a new world. 

After plucking up the courage to get in touch I needn’t have worried as I got a friendly reply and booking was really simple. I was nervous leading up to the day and did wonder about changing my mind a few times but arrived at the postcode 10 mins early with a combination of excitement and nerves. Got directions for the short walk and it was private with no-one around. I was let in and what can I say…..

……the website didn’t do her justice. She was way more beautiful than I was expecting, dressed sexily with a friendly smile which put me at ease in a heartbeat. After a quick chat about what I was looking for (I had no idea) I was asked to strip and wait for mistress to come back in. The next two hours flew past (time passes quickly when you are having fun) and she gave me a taste of lots of things. Most of which I loved but she knew what was working and what buttons to press. I was truly under her spell and she made my body react like it’s never reacted before ever. I wish I had booked longer. I had chosen the perfect mistress for my introduction into this new and exciting world. Leaving was the only bad part, until next time…

Thank you

I had not been allowed to come for three weeks, and Mistress had promised me a long afternoon of teasing and torment. My heart was racing as i entered her chambers. After kissing her feet, i was soon bound naked and spread-eagled as this vision of loveliness contemplated her options. Then she touched me. Gently, teasingly. Stomach, thighs, …balls. i wanted her touch on my penis, but no, She skirted around as my excitement mounted: my need grew. Finally She touched me, and slowly took me right to the edge before moving on, leaving me desperate for more. Over the next hour i was treated to electrics, nipple torture, and CBT, as Her fingers, took me repeatedly to the edge before stopping and leaving me frustrated.

i was then led to the bench, and again secured and Mistress stood above me. i stared at her adorable knickers, imagining the delights they protected. As She slowly lowered herself, Her lacy panties, stretched tightly across Her bottom, filled my sight, then everything went black as the world’s most wonderful blindfold settled onto my face. My nose pressing tightly into Her soft folds, i inhaled Her perfume. i could not stop thinking about Her most sacred treasures, the thin cloth enough to remind me that however close, paradise remained out of reach and forbidden.

Mistress’s fingers scraped my chest and twisted my nipples. My cock screamed out for attention, but my hands were tied, and Mistress was keeping well away. Then i felt my balls start to tighten, and i suddenly exploded. My balls emptied themselves over my stomach in an unforgettable orgasm as i sucked greedily at Mistress’s pantie-covered pussy. And that was only the first half! i could continue, but hope that this conveys some of the excitement of a visit to Miss Torment.

Hello Miss T
I’m safely back in my hotel room but not sure I’m back on Earth yet! You are unbelievable. VERY sexy, sensual, beautiful, massively talented, erotic, I could go on all night. I think I love you!
I’m going to type this in one go and say what I’m thinking.
Some time ago, after I missed a chance to meet you ‘down South’ I promised you that one day I would put that right.
This week the opportunity arose when I found myself in the Manchester area on business. I made the call and as soon as I heard your voice I was smitten. 
We made the arrangements and I duly arrived at your dungeon. What a magnificent dungeon it is too. Full of atmosphere (and lots of lovely equipment!). Of course, all that was overshadowed by the vision sat in front of me when I walked in. You’re every bit as beautiful as you sounded on the phone.
After a few preliminaries and when you decided it was time we got the session under way. From that moment until the very end I was in another dimension. I’d opted for a ‘tie & tease’ based session and although we’ve never met before you instantly seemed to work out exactly what I like and what I wanted… then sometimes you denied me of those things!
The term ‘magic fingers’ is often used and indeed on your website you claim to have them. Well let me say here and now you DO have magic fingers. Every touch was bliss and I was constantly longing for the next touch and wondering where it would be. The fact that you’d blindfolded me only added to the sensations. 
It’s hard to pick out certain things but there were certainly a few ‘special moments’ for me.
As well as having me securely restrained you also gagged me. What a wonderful treat when I felt your lips touch mine. Of course it was just more of the tease. You were kissing the gag and as your lips touched mine I desperately wanted to respond but couldn’t.
I adore face sitting but had forgotten to tell you. Again you read my mind and once you had me moved and secured laying on my back on your bench you lowered your gorgeous bottom onto my face. Oh how lovely that was! You rightly pointed out that that was my correct place. Restrained, on my back, under your bottom. How very true Mistress. I can honestly say that if allowed I’d happily spend most of my session in this way.
Then you realised I was thirsty and gave me some water. More extreme sensuality as you let the water flow from your mouth into mine. Now my head was spinning and my mind racing. I wanted so badly to kiss those warm, moist, sexy lips but thought that might be overstepping the mark for a mere slave. Perhaps the punishment that would have followed would have been worth taking for one stolen kiss.
Throughout the whole session you constantly teased me, keeping my cock erect and taking me to the point of orgasm so many times before stopping again and again. The first couple of times I thought I was going to cum before you stopped. How stupid of me to underestimate your skills. You knew exactly what you were doing all the time and I soon realised that despite being taken to the brink so many times cumming was never an option for me unless it was your decision. I had no say in the matter.
Towards the end you had me hogtied in chains, wriggling around, trying to thrust my cock into your hand or onto your vibrator. Desperate for release.
On and on it went until I was begging you  “Please Mistress. Please let me cum. Pleeease Mistress!”
Thankfully you eventually took pity on your poor slave and allowed a mind blowing, body shaking orgasm.
Thank you so very much Miss Torment for an absolutely incredible session tonight. If anyone reading the ‘tie & tease’ section of your website thinks there might be some exaggeration there, they are wrong. In fact there’s no way that any words on that page could do justice to your supreme skills.
I’m so glad I finally got to meet you and I will most certainly be returning, with your permission of course.
Thank you again and until next time,
Kindest regards,
Slave P xxx
PS I really enjoyed our chat afterwards. I hope I didn’t keep you too long.

Slave A

Oh. My. God. Let me put it simply. If you’re reading this then you’re looking to visit a pro Domme. Look no further. You’ve found the One. Arrange an appointment with Miss Torment and let Her take you into Her world.
This was my first time visiting a pro Domme, and indeed my first experience of BDSM, so I was more than a little nervous, unsure what to expect, and even more unsure if I really wanted to do it. From the first email though, patiently through my enquiries, all the way to our eventual meeting, Mistress put me at ease and I never felt pressured. I had quite a specific fantasy in mind, involving strapon play, rope bondage, and power exchange (even talking about my innermost, darkest fantasies to someone for the first time was an amazing experience!), and while Mistress agreed that it was something that she would enjoy, she also suggested, since I was new, that we explore a little. The whole idea of this is to explore, I thought, so I booked.
The dungeon is perfect; extremely clean, windowless, with beautifully dark decor and lighting, and enough toys, floggers, instruments and restraints to make you tremble. Entry is very discreet, through locked gates, courtyards and doors, giving it a remote and excitingly sinister feel, “Scream all you want, no-one can hear you in here!” I would be told at a particularly intense moment of my ordeal a short while later…
Miss Torment Herself is divine; confidence and elegance personified, very well spoken, with a beautiful and powerfully soft voice which juxtaposes the cruelty of Her torment perfectly!
The session exceeded my expectations (which were very high as I’m sure all of you will understand, being, or having been, new yourselves!) Not every detail of my fantasy was realized, instead I was made to see that Mistress is in charge, and She knows my perverted mind better than I do! The cbt was not asked for, but exquisite nonetheless, in fact I’m a little sad that as I write this the marks left behind are beginning to fade. The flogging was deadly accurate. The strapon was expertly given, alternating between slow, long strokes and a hard, fast, and deep pounding. And the final scene, the tie, tease and denial was fucking UNBELIEVABLE! (sorry Mistress, am I allowed to swear on here??)
Before I met Miss Torment I was unsure if this was going to be just a one-off, an experiment to satisfy my curiosity. But after Mistress has had me begging, moaning, thanking, and screaming to the point of ecstatic, delirious exhaustion, I am now sure it is not that, and that now I face the real torment of knowing that I am addicted, and can only count down the days until I am able to see Her again.

Slave R

After contacting Miss Torment through email and phone calls to discuss my interests, Mistress gave instructions for me to carry out prior to the session . On arrival i was shown where to enter the dungeon where I was greeted by Miss Torment. She looked in every way a Mistress who during your stay would have to be obeyed.
After a brief chat i was ordered to strip, place cuffs on my wrists and ankles and to kneel down and await Mistresses return.

When Mistress returned she quickly got to work in no time at all I was told to place part of a chastity device around my balls then Mistress added the other part and secured it around my cock padlocking it in place.  I was the tied, gagged and blindfolded. Then she used her magic fingers over my body to arouse me teasing mercilessly whispering what she might do and as her slave I must obey all her commands.

I was struggling to keep myself together. Changing position again i was strapped down ready for the Mistress course in strap on and anal training in which she added an O ring gag so I could lubricate her strap on before she used it on me whispering and showing me bigger sizes to be used next time. 

Mistress also used a gas mask to administer aromas to send me into a different place many times.  She was in total control.
The final part of the session I was pallet wrapped and strapped down covering my hole body even my head on to a bench cutting holes for access to my cock and balls and around the mouth and nose Mistress remove the chastity and preceded to take me to heaven and hell using various ways of doing what she does best.  Again using aromas whilst she really tormented me using her electric box of tricks and fingers. Being gagged again she brought the session to a climax.  It’s the best 2 hours I have ever spent,  do not hesitate to visit Miss Torment you will not regret it.

Slave R.

Miss Torments T&T

Having not visited Miss Torment before & not having submitted to anyone for some time I was eager to make my experience count.
The build up to the occasion was in itself an enjoyable journey, having reached my destination early so as to not have to rush anything I was met professionally at the door & directed to knock on the dungeon door. I walked in & was instantly impressed by the decor & atmosphere of the venue. Miss torment welcomed me in & after a brief discussion our session began.
What a fantastic session it was too.

From start to finish our time flowed, Mistress is an expert of the BDSM art form, her style has left me wanting to visit again very soon. Her enjoyment of my submission may even have been equal to my own enjoyment of her domination over me.
In short the escapism I yearned for was truly an experience I cannot wait to repeat.
Thank you Miss Torment I wonder what escapades await me next time…..


I have sessioned with some of the UK’s best pro-dommes, but Mistress Torment takes me to places I didn’t know existed. If you’re looking for a screaming, whip wielding prima donna then Mistress Torment isn’t going to be for you. I say this because she actually cares and isn’t solely in it for the money. We should be flattered that as a domme in her social life she is willing to share her undeniable talent. What comes across from the initial encounter is she wants you to enjoy the experience as much as she undoubtedly does, this will inevitably lead to her becoming an addiction. 

As we all know, the first session with a new mistress can be awkward, with us having preconceived ideas about what will happen, and what we would like to do. Here honesty is the key, take the time to explain what you like, don’t like. You will be listened to, however whether you get what you want is up to her. Mistress has an uncanny ability to know what flicks your switches, moving easily from the most brutally cruel punishments to the most erotic, mind destroying sensual teasing.

Her ability to ‘edge’, taking you to the point of orgasm time and time again. Knowing instinctively when to stop before you reach the point of no return. These episodes move seamlessly into each other, making for a rollercoaster ride of sensations, from the sadistic CBT to the gentle caress. I have some rather unusual vices, but these are sated with great vigour by Mistress Torment. However, she does insist if she does something for you, then you have to be a good boy and do something for her. So, in essence be careful what you wish for, or you could end up regretting it.

Mistress Torment has me doing things that I was reluctant to try before, but she is always keen to reward those that amuse her. So if you’re a seasoned player or a nervous first timer, Mistress Torment has so much to offer. Admittedly the sensual aspects of her play won’t be for some, but I know that she will do her utmost to accommodate whatever kink you enjoy.

So until the next time, and counting the days,

Ultimate T&T with Miss Torment The Manchester Mistress

Where to begin? …

For a week mistress tweeted me instructions before our meeting. No wanking, watch certain porn clips, tie my balls in a bow, wank in the toilet at work but no cumming. I was blown away by her naughtiness. A supreme tease. Every day a new task leaving my head spinning……
Then finally the day arrives. Mistress looks so beautiful in those boots. Big blast of poppers. I am so out of my league! Strapped to a bench, time to be caned. More poppers. Strapon. Wow. The best pounding I have had. Mistress is a serious player…..

Then to mistresses much vaunted ‘magic fingers’. Covered in pallet wrap, I cannot move. More poppers. I surrender, mind gone, body immobilised. Help!  Now it begins. Hands over my cock, balls. Stroking, carressing, tickling, endless naughty talk. I need to cum so much but no chance. I am a toy. Mistress is playing with me and I will cum when she decides. To the edge and back over and over again. I am shaking uncontrollably. The greatest teasing I have ever known. I am totally devoted. I am addicted…..

Not just an afternoon of bliss but the whole process from naughty tweet to the beautiful end…..

Thank you my Mistress

Contact Miss Torment to arrange your suffering :

Telephone : 07887 473 866

Call or E-mail me for availability or check my twitter for daily details of availability.

Twitter : @MissTorment1

E-mail : miss.torment@yahoo.co.uk