Cuckold Mistress


Your Cuckold Mistress fantasy made into reality

I offer bespoke cuckolding experiences enabling you to live your dreams.

The Cuckold Mistress scenarios that make us the most horny are unique but just to get your juices flowing I have some ideas ….

Miss Torment the Cuckold Mistress

Miss Torment the Cuckold Mistress

“Ever dream of taking your wife out to dinner ? you are aware She is feeling horny and wants to be satisfied, you think your in for a good night and might finally be released from the chastity she has had you locked away in for so long, then she informs you your pathetic cock will not suffice, and points out a man at the bar She has decided fits the bill. She instructs you to approach and proposition him for sex on her behalf. Approaching the man and asking him to please fuck your wife, your humiliation is complete and your face turns red with embarrassment as you are forced to comply as you want to please your wife more than anything….after all your wife has transformed into your Cuckold Mistress ….”

“Your Cuckold Mistress has summonsed you to her dungeon, she is expecting a very important guest …. her Bull. Locked away tightly in chastity you can only dream of how it would feel to touch your mistress. Instead you are used and humiliated, forced to pleasure her bulls cock to make him nice and hard for her pleasure whilst you look on helplessly as your wife moans in ecstasy whilst you are restrained and unable to move ……”

“You pride yourself on your masculinity and ability to satisfy the females of the planet, so it comes a s a big surprise when Mistress instructs you to welcome her sexy lesbian lover. it becomes obvious to you that you don’t have the correct equipment to compete. Restrained you can only watch on helplessly as you are tormented by both Mistresses, watching as they enjoy each others bodies in a way you can only dream of …..”

Miss Torment the Supreme Cuckold Mistress


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