Jan 122016

Corporal Punishment – Pain or Pleasure ???

Corporal Punishment with Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

Corporal Punishment with Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

You will have realised by now that I take great delight in the Tease, Denial and Edge play side of BDSM sessions. But as you will discover I also have a darker side which incorporates My love of corporal punishment – mix the two together and its a dangerous and exciting combination.

I will always find something to punish you for , you will never live up to My expectations no matter how hard you try, there will always be just that little spec of dirt you failed to lick of My boots, the eye contact you accidently made or maybe just the fact you deserve it for having such a pathetic excuse for a manhood. The fact is I don’t need a reason or an excuse to inflict pain and discomfort on you, it simply excites me, you are mine for the taking, put over my knee, firmly held in place by your manhood trapped and squeezed between My gorgeous thighs, your warm up can begin …….

Miss Torment ….

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