Dec 232015

Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

Sadistic Sunday or Sweet torture Sunday …. you choose !!!

Miss Torment the Manchester Mistress

Miss Torment the Manchester Mistress

Yes I am a sadist, your pain excites Me, whether it be the sharp pricks My pinwheel causes at it runs over your most delicate parts, the pinch of My ropes as they pull tighter and tighter against your skin, the sharp sting of my cane catching you unawares or the torturous surge in your loins at being kept on the brink of explosion over and over again….it’s all pain and it’s Mine to take.

Your moans and gasps, your pleading and begging, the look of desperation in your eyes only serve to entertain Me.

Oh I might smile sweetly at you, whisper threats softly in your ear, lull you into thinking it will all be nice but you have crossed My threshold, entered My world, submitted to Me and I will control you for My pleasure…..Enter if you dare!

Sessions available Sunday Night and Wednesday Night

Miss Torment ….

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