Jan 112019

The 12 Days of Christmas

Reading Your list of Tasks, Miss, I was immediately struck by the range of tasks, and by the care and thought that had gone into them. Having worked through them i can again only marvel at Your skill in selecting them for me. Thank You so much Miss.

Here is how things panned out.

1. A day spent with tight cock and balls ties

I bound my balls first thing Sunday Morning Miss, and by midday it was getting very uncomfortable, and that was before i went out shopping. Once outside in the cold it was quite painful to walk around the supermarket, and of course i could not keep stopping to adjust. Thank You Miss.

2.A five time edging (no cum)

Thank You Miss for setting me this task. It is getting harder every time. Even though it is only a couple of weeks since my last orgasm, i really wanted to come again today. i hated having to stop, i just wanted to carry on…

Thank You Miss for allowing me some pleasure, and for allowing me to suffer for Your amusement.

3.A Holly leaf for company in your pants (ouch)

They had no holly decorations in Tesco, but on my way home i noticed some in my neighbours garden. Thoughts of a midnight raid to steal a precious leaf… Then off to the garden centre. Plenty of prickles all day Wednesday, and well scratched scrotum at the end. Thank You.

4.A 10 minutes ball squeeze in your balls crusher

This hurts Miss – a lot “better” standing up than when i was laying flat. Of course i tried to squeeze them as much as i could bear, and very glad when the timer sounded. Thank You Miss.

5.Send Me a photo with tinsel tied around your balls

picture taken, and sent Miss, thank You. And thank You for sharing on twitter too

6.Clothes pegs attached to your nipples for 10 mins.

Is it cheating to put clothes pegs on my nipples while researching cuck videos? 

Once the ten minutes had passed i took a deep breath and took the pegs off – ooow.

7.Research your favourite cuckold clip to send Me (not one I have sent you)

i am sorry Miss but what seems on paper the easiest task has proved my downfall. i have spent three days now – watching dozens and dozens of porno clips. When not watching i was thinking about those i had watched. By Sunday lunchtime i could hold back no longer and started rubbing my little cock, watching women savouring proper men with proper cocks. With so many wonderful clips i was struggling to pick a best, but then found this one.

while the alpha male makes love to his woman, the beta cuck fucks a cheap blow-up doll. What better proof of my true status than to only be allowed pleasure with a plastic toy, while my beloved Mistress is satisfied by a real man.

Oh Miss, having already disobeyed it was so tempting to go for the finish, but i managed to calm down after the first edge, slowly stroking as the video finished, but it was a couple of hours before my blue-balls faded Miss.

Thank You Miss

8.Chose an object…this is to experiment anal play ( I know we have not explored this together but I don’t know if you have before ) any size,any shape but something will need inserting.

Aah, this Miss is the one that i dreading most. I did buy a prostate massager a few years ago, and used it once to little effect, so having had a few days to look for it, it was time to face up to the moment. Plenty of lube and mmmphrr … it slowly went in. One sharp WOOH! as it hit home, and then just struggling to keep it in place for ten minutes. Thank You Miss for demanding that i try again, maybe i just need more practice.

ps Tesco are now stocking holly, a bit too late now!!

9.ICE….tis a cold season and you will endure a nice cock ice bath 10 mins….your cock will look even more pathetic than normal!

God that’s cold Miss.

I filled a jug nearly full with ice Miss, and then topped up with water to create a nice ice bath, and again set my timer for ten minutes. On all fours astride the jug I lowered myself so that everything dipped into the water, my pubis resting on the rim, and water now overflowing the jug. Oooh Goddess that is soooo fricking cold. After a minute i had had enough, but knew i had to persevere. Two minutes came, and went, and by three minutes my balls were becoming numb. Slowly the timer reached zero, as had the temperature of my genitals. Lots of drying and warming, but my dick is bright red, and tiny. Thank You Miss Torment.

10.Wax… you can see I’m on a roll here, but lots of candles around ,drip it onto your cock and balls 10 drips on each.

As You say Miss, plenty of candles around this time of year. I lit a nice fat one and gave it a few minutes to build up some liquid. Six drips at first to the shaft of Your willy, then ten spread all over your balls, allowing time to build up more liquid wax between each dribble. I finished the exercise with the the skin pulled back, and the last four drips over the head, and pee hole, Thank You Miss.

11.You will wear a pair of My used knickers all day

This is worth a laugh Miss, size 14 knickers with a size 20 belly! Well Miss I managed to haul Your tiny panties up over my king-sized bum. Not an easy feat Miss. Two thoughts crossed my mind, Miss, as i pulled them up – mainly the history of the knickers. The lacy fabric that was now cupping my balls had previously pressed against You!! A thought there to keep me warm. The downside, of course is that a full day holding my sweaty gonads would probably mask the delicate trace of Your scent still remaining. Shopping was interesting, as your panties refused to stay put, requiring periodic adjustment as i walked along the high street. A constant source of both excitement, and embarrassment.

12.Ta ta you’ve made it (hopefully) as a reward you may place My knickers over your head whilst you play and cum….you must however chant My name as you do so….enjoy ! xxx


It will soon be time for the incredible climax to my 12 days of Christmas – something i have been looking forward to ever since reading Your email for the first time. My eyes lit up, and i started to smile as i read the task: Worshipping Your divine knickers, and permission to play. With an orgasm… but then i gasped as i read the final clause, chanting Your name. How stupid, how ridiculous, Miss. How totally, absurdly humiliating. I have lain awake every night Miss, anticipating this, running it through in my mind. Silently chanting Your name and imagining myself masturbating. i picked up Your wonderful knickers, and held them up to my face. i was genuinely surprised at how strong Your scent still was MIss, i was sure i had licked them clean ages ago.

Well I’ve completed the first 11 tasks, as i knew I would have a couple of hours alone this afternoon. The sound of Your name, repeated over and over, filled my mind, and Your amazing scent flooded the corners in between, as i started masturbating. Chanting over and over, and rubbing, as my orgasm approached.. I was just glad there was no one around to witness my embarrassment.

My shame…

My utter humiliation…

Which brings me to the video: it’s just a head and shoulders shot Miss – i don’t imagine You’d want to see 👇down there👇 , but i thought You might enjoy watching my humiliation, having worked so hard to create it.


If You do enjoy it Miss, and want to show Your friends and followers just what You can make a pig do to earn his moment of pleasure, it’s just one minute long, probably about the right size for a tweet.

Thank You Miss, for allowing me a climax, and such a memorable one too.

Mar 182016

Miss Torment visits Berkshire’s Mistress Jane on Sunday 27th & Mon 28th March

Easter Torment of Double Domme

Miss Torment & Mistress Jane Double Domme

Miss Torment & Mistress Jane Double Domme

For all you subs/sluts and slaves that have expressed interest in serving Me south of sunny Manchester, I am excited to announce that I will be visiting the deliciously kinky Mistress Jane of Berkshire for 2 days of fun and debauchery and Double Domme.

Mistress Jane needs no introduction from Me, an experienced kinkdress who loves the art of BDSM in all its forms our joint force will have you spinning.

We promise to take you on an unforgettable journey of anticipation, excitement, fear and frustration as We turn you into Our toys of torment.

For this ultimate Double Domination experience availability is limited, so to secure your place at our feet, contact myself or Mistress Jane to arrange as soon as possible.

Miss Torment : 07887 473 866

Mistress Jane : 07928 636 021

Jan 122016

Corporal Punishment – Pain or Pleasure ???

Corporal Punishment with Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

Corporal Punishment with Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

You will have realised by now that I take great delight in the Tease, Denial and Edge play side of BDSM sessions. But as you will discover I also have a darker side which incorporates My love of corporal punishment – mix the two together and its a dangerous and exciting combination.

I will always find something to punish you for , you will never live up to My expectations no matter how hard you try, there will always be just that little spec of dirt you failed to lick of My boots, the eye contact you accidently made or maybe just the fact you deserve it for having such a pathetic excuse for a manhood. The fact is I don’t need a reason or an excuse to inflict pain and discomfort on you, it simply excites me, you are mine for the taking, put over my knee, firmly held in place by your manhood trapped and squeezed between My gorgeous thighs, your warm up can begin …….

Miss Torment ….

Telephone : 07887 473 866

Twitter : @MissTorment1

E-mail :

Dec 232015

Manchester Mistress Torment

Manchester Mistress Torment

Manchester Mistress Torment

Merry Christmas Sluts, losers , slaves and any other miscreants hovering out there.

I have had a fun week stripping you weak sluts down, of course I’m not referring to the removal of your clothes …… that goes without saying, but stripping you of every last ounce of masculinity and dignity you possess, making you My whore, My bitch,  being taken by Me in any which way I choose. Helpless under my control and restraints you belong to Me, My toy for me to exercise My Female Supremacy over you. I have the cock, the keys and the ability to deny your lust. You have no choice but to submit and to beg Me. I own you body and soul. All clear now ??? Good lets move on …..

I’m available over the festive season for some unfestive fun …. no xmas pud on offer ….. only spikey holly ….. call for details !!!

Miss Torment ….

Telephone : 07887 473 866

Twitter : @MissTorment1

E-mail :