Dec 232015

Manchester Mistress Torment

Manchester Mistress Torment

Manchester Mistress Torment

Merry Christmas Sluts, losers , slaves and any other miscreants hovering out there.

I have had a fun week stripping you weak sluts down, of course I’m not referring to the removal of your clothes …… that goes without saying, but stripping you of every last ounce of masculinity and dignity you possess, making you My whore, My bitch,  being taken by Me in any which way I choose. Helpless under my control and restraints you belong to Me, My toy for me to exercise My Female Supremacy over you. I have the cock, the keys and the ability to deny your lust. You have no choice but to submit and to beg Me. I own you body and soul. All clear now ??? Good lets move on …..

I’m available over the festive season for some unfestive fun …. no xmas pud on offer ….. only spikey holly ….. call for details !!!

Miss Torment ….

Telephone : 07887 473 866

Twitter : @MissTorment1

E-mail :

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